I am a freelance cameraman specialising in Super 8 and 16mm cinematography. I work with a fully serviced ACL 2 Super 16mm camera kit and a range of professional lenses as well as several specialist 16mm cameras. I work closely with processing and scanning facilities ensuring a high quality and cost effective workflow when working with film.

Light is 'Deep' and Breeze is 'Pavan'. People say that I am an 'intuitive mechanical engineer' as I am always figuring out how things work, dismantling things [like cameras] and then putting them back together. I have always been attracted to pictures, especially how colours and textures work. The most important thing is to create beautiful images that speak and tell stories. Film simply has that little bit of magic built-in that I can never find with digital media. I aim to work with celluloid as long as possible.

I am working as a freelance Lecturer, Tutor, Cinematographer. I work with Super 8 and 16mm film technology and make personal experimental films. I have also managed Super 8 and 16mm workshops across the UK. I started SPS, at the time it was the only Super 8 film processing and digital scanning lab in the UK.

I studied at Middlesex Polytechnic in London for my first degree and then studied in the Midlands and finally qualified as a community and youth worker. I worked as a youth worker and lecturer teaching English and media studies for several years. I first started writing short stories in the late 1990's as a hobby. I have since written and have had several short stories, scripts and plays published. I am currently wiriting a novel. I started my own production company and made training films and corporate films before working at the BBC where I worked as a story-line producer for a popular daily soap.

After leaving the BBC I started working freelance as a Lecturer, Tutor, Cinematographer. I still work with Super 8 and Super 16mm film technology making personal experimental films.

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